Rubber City Industrial Estate


Project’s Background:

The Project is to serve the government policy in coping with recent slump price of latex and rubber products. In order to increase the demand for latex from important midstream to downstream industries, the Ministry of Industry has assigned the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (I-EA-T) to establish the Rubber City. Additionally, the value added products and process are aimed to be promoted through innovation. As a result, a mechanism of market will be functioning to drive up prices efficiently and sustainably.

Details of Project:

The Rubber City is located in Phase 2/2 and 3 of Southern Industrial Estate (Tambon Chalung, Amphor Hadyai, Songkhla province). The size is 1,218 rai (487.20 acres). It is to serve as the hub or cluster for rubber products, from midstream to downstream industries, such as rubber innovations, concentrated latex, compound rubbers, and other related downstream industries. The 438 rai (175.20 acres) of “premium zone” is for the “clean” general industries or other rubber-related industries, whereas the 779 rai (311.60 acres) is for midstream and downstream rubber industries. The land of Rubber City is currently being developed and expected to complete in the year 2017.

Benefits to Investors:

The Rubber City is the business opportunity for Thai and overseas investors as the southern Thailand is the home of country’s latex plantations, with over 70% of national gross latex supply. The location also has a complete infrastructure for exportation – inlands, waterways, and airways. Moreover, The Rubber City is designed with architectural and engineering prospective in landscape, infrastructure, service, and management to support industry in term of “cluster”, especially for midstream and downstream rubber industries. Thus, investors can be confident on their business as the Rubber City is ready to deliver and meet the needs of investors and market.

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