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Risk Management

The I-EA-T has developed important Risk Management, as follows;

Image 1. Risk Management Policy

The I-EA-T has reviewed the Risk Management manual by adjusting the impact assessment criteria (Impact) to be consistent with the Performance Evaluation System of the State-owned enterprises, and can be effectively implemented, and also adapt Risk related forms for Root cause analysis, Analysis reports, Planning and Monitoring of Risk Management plans.

2. Risk Management Structure

Responsible sectors/systems for monitoring/results reporting of the Risk Management are assigned, consisting of the Risk Management Subcommittee, the Audit Committee, the Good Corporate Governance & Risk Management & Compliance with regulations Committee (Good Corporate Governance, Risk Management & Compliance : GRC)

3. Risk Management

Has reviewed the Risk Assessment Criteria for both on Impact (I) and Likelihood (L), and determined the acceptable Risk level (Risk Appetite) in both on qualitatively and quantitatively, as follows;

  • Strategic Risk

    Marketing operations of the Rubber Industrial Estate Project (Rubber City) by using the strategy of creating integrated cooperation plan by appointing the Project Working Group to create and develop a marketing plan for the Rubber Industrial Estate Project (Rubber City), and appointed a Marketing Operational Team (Marketing Team) as well as has assigned the Direct-Responsible Persons (Account Director) together with having the Support-Responsible Persons, such as a Marketing Communication Team, an Event Team and an Encounter Team, in following up with customers to determine policies, guidelines for marketing operations and target customers of the Rubber Industrial Estate (Rubber City) and in setting an proactive marketing action plan for the Rubber Industrial Estate (Rubber City) with clear goals that be appropriate to the current economic situation.

  • Operational Risk

    Has reviewed the Sustainable water management plan by constructing a reservoir in the Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate and drilling more groundwater in the Northern Industrial Estate for preventing water shortages in the industrial sector. Monitoring and inspecting the moving of industrial waste by specifying measures, guidelines, and methods for monitoring the moving of industrial waste in all industrial estates.

  • Financial Risk

    Giving precedence to considering the current financial position and preventing of impacts that are expected to occur in the future. For Compliance Risk, has prepared countermeasures for various risk factors with plans/measures to prevent possible impacts from non-compliance with regulations, and also taking into account for the Rules, Regulations / Government policies that are not conducive to investment.

4. Business Continuity Management: BCM

Review and prepare a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and training to clarify the BCP plan and virtual practicing the BCP (Table Exercise) simulation plan.